Friday, December 14, 2012

Unofficial Picture: 2014 Ferrari F70

Teasers of the Ferrari F70’s front and rear fascia have leaked online, giving us a sneak peek at one of the most highly anticipated new supercars in years.

While we’ve seen everything from Ferrari F70 test mules to its carbon fiber body shell, these images are our best glimpse yet at what the Ferrari F70 might actually look like. Said to be taken from the official Ferrari magazine, the front-view teaser shows a low and wide front end with angular headlights similar to those found on the Ferrari FF and F12 Berlinetta. The car also has a wide, gaping grille area that may be filled with the down-force-enhancing aerodynamic winglets like those found on the Ferrari 458 Italia. Other distinguishing traits include a hood scoop, and a frunk with lines reminiscent of the Ferrari Enzo – the F70′s predecessor.

Around back, we can see that the F70 will have some fantastic curves. The mid-engine supercar will have sleek, aerodynamic body work with big fender haunches. The F70 will follow Ferrari’s modern design language with round LED taillights, with what looks to be a retractable spoiler linking the two lights together. The only questionable styling decision we can see in these teaser images is the F70′s rear foglight, which looks tacked-on, much like the F12 Berlinetta’s.
 The Ferrari F70 will likely be powered by a mid-mounted 6.3-liter V-12 and a Formula 1-style HY-KERS electric motor. Total power output is rumored to be more than 800 hp, which should provide plenty of motivation for the car that’s rumored to weigh less than 2500 pounds. The Ferrari F70 is expected to debut early next year and go on sale by the end of 2013.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

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