Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Sketch: Rinspeed Micromax Concept

It seems everyone is jumping on the electric city car bandwagon these days, with major manufacturers like Audi, BMW, and Toyota recently showing off small electrified concepts. Now, even Swiss tuner Rinspeed is eager to get in on the EV action, with plans to bring its own electric city car to next year’s Geneva show.

Described as being a merging of personal and public transportation, the Rinspeed Micromax was designed with car-sharing and carpooling in mind. Its overall squarish look and tall greenhouse make it appear like a miniaturized city bus. Judging by the renderings, rear occupants are positioning in an upright, half-seated and half-standing position, with the second row of seats facing rearward. Rinspeed says the concept is 3.6 meters long (roughly 12 feet), just about as long as a Mini Cooper. The vehicle could be used as a taxi in urban areas, or perhaps as a ride-share van for commuters – though it’s unclear how comfortable those seats would be on long drives.
 The Micromax concept features such modern conveniences as a mobile wi-fi hotspot and an onboard coffee maker and refrigerator. No details on the vehicle’s electric drivetrain have been released yet, so we’ll likely have to wait until we’re closer to its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show next March.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

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