The Mini Paceman coupé has been given a potent 140mph John Cooper Works range-topper. The Paceman JCW promises to be one of the most focused Mini models yet thanks to its all-wheel drive sports chassis and turbocharged 215bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine.

The Paceman JCW uses the same engine as the Countryman JCW on which it is based. The highly-tuned 215bhp 1.6 produces 207lb ft of torque across a wide rev-band from as low as 1900rpm and up to 5800rpm. A further 14lb ft is available for short periods between 2100-4500rpm for short periods using an overboost function.

These are sufficient reserves to propel the Paceman JCW from 0-62mph in 6.9sec (regardless of whichever of the beefed-up six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic transmissions are fitted) and onto a 140mph top speed for the manual, 139mph for the auto’. The manual-equipped Paceman JCW’s top speed matches the Countryman JCW’s, but 0.1sec is shaved off the 0-62mph time.

A sports chassis is fitted to the Paceman JCW, making it sit 10mm lower than standard Pacemans. Larger anti-roll bars and optimised spring and damper rates are among the suspension upgrades.

A Sport button features on the centre console of the JCW-fettled cabin. When engaged, this sharpens the throttle response, alters the exhaust note, and stiffens up the steering. On JCWs equipped with the automatic gearbox, shift times are also made quicker.

The all-wheel drive system sends 50 per cent of power to the rear wheels in normal driving conditions through an electromagnetic centre differential, and up to 100 per cent in extreme conditions.

The look of the Paceman has also been overhauled for the JCW version with new 18in alloys (19in alloys are optional) and an aggressively styled aerodynamic bodykit.

The new Paceman JCW will make its debut at the Detroit motor show next month, before reaching UK showrooms in mid-March priced from £29,535.

Thanks to: Autocar